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Edge sealing will improve the life of your signage

As Mackay’s most trusted and experienced signage company, we are proud to provide advanced edge seal cutting technology and products to our vast range.

Our edge seal cutting and products are extremely versatile and will increase the life of your reflective signs by protecting it from wear and tear, dirt and grime, water and sun exposure – even in the harshest of conditions.

Where standard reflective products will separate and perish over time when exposed to repeated wear and tear and dirt and the heat of the North Queensland sun – our edge seal products provide the necessary protection, ensuring that your signs remain vibrant and intact.

How our Edge Seal Products Work

Protection Against Wear and Tear
Signs are exposed to various environmental factors, including dirt, grime, and high-pressure cleaning. Our edge seal products act as a protective barrier, preventing the accumulation of debris and shielding your signs from the damaging effects of these elements. With edge seal, your signs will maintain their pristine appearance, providing the best impression for your customers.

Prevention of Edge Peeling
One of the common challenges faced by sign owners is edge peeling, which compromises the integrity of the signage. Our edge seal solutions effectively address this issue. By applying edge seal to your signs, you create a secure bond that prevents edges from lifting or peeling, even under severe conditions. This not only preserves the professional look of your signage but also ensures its longevity, minimising the need for frequent repairs or replacements.

Enhanced Visibility and Reflectivity
When it comes to signage, visibility is paramount. Our edge seal products are specifically designed to enhance the reflectivity and visibility of your signs. With advanced prismatic technology, our edge seal offers three times more reflectivity than standard reflective tape, ensuring maximum visibility and readability in various lighting conditions. By choosing our edge seal products, you can be confident that your signs will stand out, day or night.

Resistance to Harsh Environments
Certain industries and locations expose signs to demanding environments. Whether your signage is deployed in construction sites, mining areas, or other challenging settings, our edge seal solutions are built to withstand extreme conditions. From the corrosive effects of chemicals to the pressure of cleaning procedures, our edge seal products provide the necessary protection, ensuring that your signage remains intact and legible for extended periods.

Extended Product Life
Investing in edge seal is a proactive measure that significantly extends the life of your signs. By effectively preventing wear, tear, and edge peeling, edge seal increases the overall durability and longevity of your signage. This means cost savings for your business, as you can minimise replacement expenses and ensure your signs maintain their quality appearance over an extended period.

The many uses and benefits of Edge Sealing

Edge sealing will help protect vehicle signage where signage is applied to roll up rear or side doors that take a pounding every time the doors are open and closed and in situations such as fuel tankers where signage needs protecting from regular fuel spillage during filling.

Being weatherproof and corrosion and solvent resistant, our edge seal products are perfect for road work signs and vehicle signs. Plus, our highly reflective and highly visible durable edge seal products are ideal for construction and mining sites and are available in a large variety of colours.

Find out more

Contact us today to find out more about our edge seal products that are available right here in Mackay. Our team of friendly experts is ready to assist you in choosing the perfect edge seal solution to meet your needs and ensure your signs remain vibrantly stunning for years to come.

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